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Please comment on this missive below. If you have a horror story about HMEs and many do; make sure that you give all the relevant data, i.e. brand and model of HME, humidification performance (third party evaluation if possible), type of patient (if a low performing device was used on a patient with a high minute ventilation, you should expect a poor result). If you have a horror story on heated humidification, and many do, please provide the relevant data also. I will read and respond to all postings where appropriate. Anonymous posts are acceptable, but the captcha must be solved.

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Thank you for the letter. I have printed the document and will be sharing this with our students as I feel they need to be thorough in their assessment of practice.
Dr. Kenny

I like your comments regarding HME's However, do you have any studies to support your positon?? I would be very much interested.!

Do you have documentation for using an HME on baby transports? We would like to do this but some are skeptical for us on preemies? Thank you


We have a neonatal HME with and without O2 connection. While we are on solid ground in using an HME with adult patients, there is less information on using the device for preemies. RCPs use our device for transport frequently as it has low dead space 2.5ml and low resistance 0.35 cm H2O at 7.5 l/min. I am unaware of any studies on our device for its use in transport, but many believe it is better to add humidity and that is difficult with heated systems for transport.

Thanks for your question. I wish I had a more definitive answer.

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